A Brand New Product Developed By Two Of The Top Video Authorities In The Business

Bank Big Cash Promoting Joey Xoto
+ Lon Naylor's Incredible New Video Product
That Will Blow Your Customers Away!


The Ultimate Video Marketing Resource For Camtasia

Camtasia is the single biggest video marketer's tool on the planet and one of the most utilized software tools in the internet marketing industry.

The problem is that Camtasia doesn't provide any comprehensive training or any resources to create profitable marketing videos.

That's where Screencast Pro comes in!

Screencast Pro is the ultimate internet marketer's training & resources bundle for Camtasia on the Mac & PC.

  • Super High Quality Training

    Screencast Pro will give your customers an in-depth, comprehensive course on creating profit pulling videos with Camtasia!

  • Tutorials Designed For Internet Marketers

    Screencast Pro training is tailored for marketers and will give them the tools to increase conversions + boost sales using Camtasia’s many features and tricks.

  • Profit Pulling Templates

    Screencast Pro will save your customers time & make them more money with our “done for you” video templates that can be loaded, edited and exported in literally minutes!

  • Interactive Classroom Modules

    Your customers will have a truly interactive learning experience by using our tutorial project files we’ve prepared for them. This is as close to a real classroom experience as it gets!

  • Tons Of Graphics + Assets!

    Camtasia’s in-built graphics are old. Screencast Pro will give your customers a ton of brand new graphical assets specifically designed for marketers to use in their videos!

  • Stingers, YouTube Intros + More!

    Joey & Lon have prepared a ton of project files like logo stingers, YouTube intros/outros and so much more. There’s so many awesome “done for you” packs your customers will love!

Screencast Pro is compatible for Camtasia users on both the Mac & PC


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We Hit Back Hard For Our Partners

If your product is video related, high quality and offers genuine value to our customers,
we will certainly be happy to reciprocate!

Joey Xoto & Lon Naylor have released some of the highest quality video marketing courses on the web.

With thousands upon thousands of happy customers between them, you can be confident that your customers will be well looked after.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either Joey or Lon directly on Skype.


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